Beyond Charity. Sustainability.

Do Justice helped Crispin find an apartment and a job.

As we work to reunite the family, Crispin is able to send money to rent an apartment for them in Kenya.

Reconnecting Families.

Crispin uses Messenger to visually connect with his wife in Kenya.  

After Do Justice helped locate the family, Crispin saw his twin girls for the first time through Skype.


Crispin receives word that the necessary paperwork to reunite the family stalls in the latest round of Congo chaos.

Reconnecting Families.

DO Justice advocates for the displaced, educates for change, and connects people to help people like Crispin one relationship at a time.

With experience and passion, Jason lobbies local, state, and federal governments and partners with churches, non-profits, and community groups on the behalf of the vulnerable.

His work has received accolades from a diverse range of people from Jeb Bush to Samantha Bee.

“The Great Global Crisis of Our Time”

65.3 million forcibly displaced people

Half of all refugees are under the age of 18

34,000 people are displaced every day

About two-thirds of the world’s refugees have been in exile for more than five years


One person.

One relationship.

One story.

Like Crispin.

His story is one we love to tell.

Adjusting To Life In America.

Jason gives Crispin’s driving lessons in hopes his permit will become a license.

Boots On The Ground.

As Jason advocates for his friend, they share coffees together.

Advocating For The Vulnerable

Do Justice has and continues to stand for those who have no voice.